Your Privacy

Your personal information will be used only once to verify your identity and that you are over 18 years of age. It shall then be stored securely on an offline server, inaccessible from external systems. Future transactions involve only your anonymous Model ID number.

Despite ones best efforts to make systems secure and safe every day we read of major companies being hacked and the loss of confidential information into the public domain. Our system does not require your personal information to be stored publicly so it is not. Your personal data is encrypted immediately after verification and is no longer accessible.

Whereas we wholeheartedly agree with efforts to protect individuals from exploitation, and for the protection of minors, the expectation for models to provide detailed personal information to multiple individuals and companies is not acceptable. After registration you can work/film with any of the RedGerry participating clients and need only provide your Model ID number.

In the event you lose access to your registered Model ID email address we shall have a recovery procedure in place. This takes several days to process. You WILL be required to revalidate your identity in this case prior to the ID being assigned a new email address. In the event a consent request bounces from your account email the content producer will be notified. They will not be advised the email address that is failing.

If you do not consent to a video you are cited in you can either ignore the request (14 day timeout) or indicate such by reply. The content producer will be notified there is an issue.

Content producers who appear in their own clips are also required to have their own ID and will be required to provide consent to their own productions. The verification/consent system makes no distinction between producers/models.

Data security is at the core of this system and we will be inviting independent data audit and security assessment in 2022.