Register as an Adult Model

Your registration details only remain stored online for a maximum of 15 minutes. Once your information has been confirmed you shall be sent your Model ID to the email address you registered with. Once your Model ID is submitted with a video clip you shall receive an email to your registered email address asking you to confirm your consent for the publication.

You cannot remove your Model ID record once you have given your consent to any video as it constitutes part of a statutory expectation from most legislative authorities. If you have no associated consent records you can request complete removal of your Model record at any time.

ALL model records are stored securely OFFLINE. These are not accessed, analysed or in any way ‘data mined’. You shall receive absolutely no correspondence apart from consent requests for any videos you appear in.

At this time model registrations cover ALL video content from RedGerry Clients (list here) from their direct video stores to be launched early 2022. If you appear in ANY content that is submitted for publication on RedGerry servers you MUST have a model record and you MUST have given your consent prior to that video clip becoming publicly available.

When attending any video shoots with RedGerry clients the only information you will be required to provide is your Model ID. When the content producer submits the clip you will be asked to consent. You do not have to disclose any personal information to video content producers, it is not required.

Although we will not enter into specific details of our systems and security enquiries can be addressed to

Model Registration