How it works

Starting early 2022 clients served by RedGerry will have the option to sell video content and merchandise directly from their own web sites. To this end the Model ID system based here will be utilised for legal verification of both the models age and their consent to appearing in video clips.

This applies to all clips made available from client sites hosted on RedGerry servers in Germany and France.

No records or sensitive data is stored or accessible online. All transactions for the Model ID system can only be carried out from designated secure work stations.

On submission of a video for inclusion in a clip store content creators are required to provide Model ID numbers for all performers. These individuals will then be emailed with the content creators identity and the date the clip was filmed and asked to confirm their consent. They are required to respond positively within 14 days from submission otherwise the video clip will fail authentication and will not be made available for sale.

If content fails verification the creator will be notified with specific reasons and the clip can be resubmitted when the issue is resolved.

On successfully receiving all positive consent responses the video will immediately be assigned a verification key which allows it to be added and displayed on the client clip store served by RedGerry servers.

Content creators should ensure that models are aware and registered on the verification system to allow expedient processing of submitted videos. If all models are registered then the option to batch process back catalogues for inclusion becomes available.

At this time this verification system is only available for videos to be sold from RedGerry hosted/managed sites. If you would like more information get in contact: